The Slow Way Down

by Gerald Coniel

Riding the world's longest cycling race from Cairo to Cape Town

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About the book

Gerald Coniel shares his epic 12 000 km long adventure across the African continent. His daily struggle to ride every last inch of the Tour d'Afrique is truly captivating. "Slow Way Down" gives a fun and fresh look at Africa while exposing the challenges of racing a bicycle on some of the most daunting roads on the planet. An entertaining and exciting story so inspiring that it might even get you jumping on the saddle yourself...
Rob Paterson - UK
Just finished reading The Slow Way Down, a book telling the story of Gerald Coniel's experience in the Tour d'Afrique - Cairo to Cape Town race by bicycle. But this book is so much more than just a book about cycling - its about Africa, its about friendships and its about a personal challenge. The title only refers to the time it takes to cycle - every page is packed with new adventures and anecdotes. Throughout the book I found myself laughing out loud, by the end (without giving anything away) I had to wipe a tear from my eye.
Rainer Burkle - Germany
During the Tour d'Afrique 2011 we followed Gerald via his blog on which he posted nearly every day pictures and written episodes of this race. Geralds blog was our source to feel in touch with our friend Gisi who was riding the race to collect donations for our projects in Kenya. When Gerald told me that he wrote a book about his tour I couldn't resist and ordered a copy immediately. Compared to the blog this book is much more. The stories about the daily fight with the roads and conditions are mixed up with background information about the countries they traveled through. Gerald is not only telling in breathtaking words a great story about his ride through Africa , he is also a brillant poet who gives you the feeling riding on behalf of him, seeing with his eyes, and starving with his stomach. The most fascinating thing for me are the deep insights into a man's strong will to reach his personal goal: finishing the race with EFI - which means having done Every Fabulous Inch by yourself. Out of the 70 drivers only 12 reached CapeTown having their EFI status. I couln'd stop reading until I finished EFI (each fascinating insight) into this big adventure.
Gerald Coniel
Gerald Coniel is a 48 years old entrepreneur. Born in France he has lived in numerous countries and travelled the globe several times round. He spent 10 years of his life with his wife and two children in South Africa where he launched a very succesful classified publishing empire. ( http:/ ). Passionate mountain biker, he participated in some of the world's toughest competitions like the Cape Epic. The Tour d'Afrique offered a different type of challenge where he could push his physical and mental limits to new territories. It was also a way to discover Africa like very few people ever get the chance to. The 12 000 km long adventure turned out to be such an extraodinary experience that he decided to share it in "The Slow Way Down".
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